Trauma Therapy

Why does that keep bothering me?

If you’ve ever heard someone say “That’s a trigger for me,” they are referring to something painful from their past. When that pain surfaces in the present moment, we call it a trigger.

A trigger is when the brain thinks a past painful and scary event is happening again in the present moment. And the body reacts with fear, anxiety, panic, rage, or by completely shutting down.

EMDR, IFS, and Psychedelics

I have been treating and specializing in trauma since 2015 using a hybrid of evidence-based methods.

EMDR: Eye-movement Desensitization and Reprocessing is a method using buzzers or eye-movements that go back and forth across the midline of the brain to help the brain reprocess traumatic information.

As we revisit hard memories together, the brain and body will release old distress from the time of the trauma (desensitize) and experience the memory with new insight that is far less distressing (reprocessing). It is very effective.

IFS: Internal Family Systems, also known as “parts work”, is a way of approaching different aspects of ourselves known as “parts.” Some parts of us have been banished, dissociated, or ignored because of trauma these often younger versions of ourselves experienced.

Parts work allows us to go back in time and retrieve these vulnerable parts of us and heal them by finally giving them what they need. This often resolves symptoms and brings peace in the body. Very powerful.

Psychedelic Journey Work for Trauma Resolution: You’ve probably been seeing in the news how cutting-edge research is showing the power of psychedelics to heal trauma. Please read more about this modality here.

Using high doses of cannabis in a quiet, reflective, meditative state, together we can confront trauma and bring resolution. Bad memories, negative thoughts, discomfort in our bodies, and difficult emotions can all be softened and confronted in this altered state.

The use of plant medicine allows the brain to soften and confront these memories, rewiring the brain and allowing for the release of past trauma.

Trauma therapy can be helpful for any trigger, big or small.

Trauma therapy can help us process through childhood trauma, ranging from something sadly common like growing up with a critical parent… to as severe as having had an addicted/alcoholic or abusive parent/guardian.

Over the years, I have also specialized in treating women with sexual assault histories. I know what it’s like to go through painful and intrusive sexual experience and the scars they can leave on women.

The patriarchal nature of our society leaves women incredibly vulnerable to these issues.

If you suffer from anxiety or discomfort in your current sex life as a result of previous sexual abuse, assault, rape, or any intrusive, non-consensual event, please contact me. You can get relief!!

Trauma Therapy can help you make sure that your emotional reactions are to the present moment in front of you and not loaded with years of historical emotion from one of our triggers.

What other kinds of problems can Trauma Therapy treat?

Scientific research has established EMDR, IFS, and Psychedelic-assisted Therapy as effective for post traumatic stress, which affects way more of us than folks realize! However, clinicians also have reported success using these methods in treatment of the following conditions:

  • Panic attacks
  • Complicated grief
  • Disturbing memories
  • Phobias
  • Pain disorders
  • Performance anxiety
  • Sexual symptoms
  • Stress reduction
  • Addictions
  • Sexual and/or Physical abuse
  • Emotional sensitivity

If you are interested in addressing one of your triggers, call me today.

I can explain more about my trauma therapy and how it can help your specific situation during a free phone consultation.

Get Help When You Need It

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