What To Expect


    Step 1

    Reach out!

    Contact me on the page below and tell me a little about what you are looking for! I’ll get back to you with an email.


    Step 2

    Phone call

    Via email, text, or the recorded voice message we can set up a time to chat. This is free and usually takes about 20 minutes. I have a handful of important questions I will ask you to make sure I’m a good fit for you.

    By the end of this call, we should have a pretty good idea if we would be a good fit for working together. If you’d like to move forward, we can set up the initial intake session, in-person or digitally if you live outside of Denver.


    Step 3

    Initial Consultation

    The initial consultation is an intake and preparation session. I recommend an 80-minute session as we will have so much to cover. And I really like to make sure you leave that first session with some answers and a plan.

    We will explore your background with healing modalities, your comfort and experience with cannabis, the kind of cannabis-assisted services you are interested in, and a possible timeline.

    I truly believe a good fit is necessary for therapy to be effective. If for any reason you aren’t getting the right vibes, there is no pressure to continue! I will be happy to send you in the right direction to find a good fit!


    Step 4

    Find your “slot.”

    We will try to book the rest of your preparation sessions based on your needs and get the big blocks of journey work scheduled.


    Step 5

    Get to Work!

    We will work together to improve your situation to your satisfaction. This can include multiple journey work sessions. You are free to use traditional therapy sessions with me to prepare for journey work, as well as on the back end for integration work. This is case by case, and we will explore together what works best for your scenario.

    Journey work differs from traditional therapy in that YOU and YOUR BODY are the experts. And the medicine is your assistant, allowing you to converse with your body and mind in new ways.

    My job is to hold space, manage the set and setting to create safety, play music, and be readily and highly available to you for support and encouragement during the journey.

Get Help When You Need It

If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, I would be happy to talk to you for a 20-minute free consultation. I can be reached by phone at (720) 316-5625 or you may send me a brief email.

*This is a clinical rate based on being a licensed psychotherapist with 10+ years experience, with additional training in both trauma (EMDR, IFS, body-based trauma-specialties) and in plant-medicine work (Medicinal Mindfulness- Psychedelic Sitter School. Levels 1, 2, & 3, 200 hours).
I operate as a psychotherapist using legal plant-medicine assistance, holding the highest ethical standard of both my state licensure and psychedelic training program. I have accountability to the Colorado State Ethics Board of Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists. Your safety, confidentiality, and peace-of-mind is of utmost importance to me. You will be treated with all the same rights and respect as any traditional psychotherapy client.