What To Expect


    Step 1

    Reach out!

    Contact me on the page below with any questions or concerns. Or just give me a call at (720) 316-5625.

    I will always answer if I am free.

    But don’t be deterred if I don’t answer. I’m probably just in session. Leave a message and I will get back to you that day.


    Step 2

    Phone call

    Via email, text, or the phone, we can set up a time to chat. This is free and usually takes about 20 minutes. I have a handful of important questions I will ask you to make sure I’m a good fit for you.

    By the end of this call, you should have a pretty good idea whether you’d like to work with me. If you’d like to move forward, we can set up the initial intake session.


    Step 3

    Initial Consultation

    The initial consultation is an intake session. I recommend an 80-minute session as we will have so much to cover. And I really like to make sure you leave that first session with some answers and a plan.

    For couples:

    There is a very specific protocol I use to gather all the information I will need to be an effective therapist for you. The most efficient way to do this is in three 90-minute sessions.

    Session #1- Both partners are present. We will do a bit of paperwork and discuss why you are there in greater depth. I have a series of important questions I will go through with you in this session. I will also instruct you how to do the online relationship analysis.

    Session #2- One 90-minute session broken into two 45-minute segments with each partner seen individually (can be done at separate times if needed)

    Session #3- Both partners are present and will likely be expected to come together for all subsequent sessions. I will give you feedback about the information I have gathered, both through interviews and the online relationship analysis. I will teach you 9 areas of a healthy relationship and discuss your relationships strengths and areas that need growth.

    Together, we will agree on the most urgent issues to work on, and get started right away!

    I truly believe a good fit is necessary for therapy to be effective. If for any reason you aren’t getting the right vibes, there is no pressure to continue! I will be happy to send you in the right direction to find a good fit!


    Step 4

    Find your “slot.”

    I expect my clients to be committed to this process and attend sessions weekly. Only then will we see great results.

    In return for your commitment, I will hold you a regular session time out of respect for your schedules (except of course in emergencies or extenuating circumstances). Please note, I have limited evening slots available due to their popularity and try to reserve these for couples sessions.


    Step 5

    Get to Work!

    We will work together to improve your situation to your satisfaction.

    Sometimes, I am the expert. Teaching you new skills, providing insight, and leading the structure of the session.

    Other times, I am your tour guide through the process towards healing and health. Leading you into murky waters for you to find your own answers and solutions.

    And then other times, I am just your partner in the mess. A trusted associate, providing safety and companionship, as we sort through the muck together. I won’t always have ALL the answers. But we will be in it together as we find them.

    We will continuously evaluate your progress and make adjustments as needed. You are free to end therapy whenever you feel ready.

Get Help When You Need It

If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, I would be happy to talk to you for a 20-minute free consultation. I can be reached by phone at (720) 316-5625 or you may send me a brief email.